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Virdition will give talent a dynamic and fresh on-line platform to get visibility and seek opportunity, success and fame…. and provide agents a new on-line audition management system and unique new marketing tools that will make them industry leaders….


Build the world’s first and premier social network for the Talent industry that will change forever the way agents find talent and talent fulfills their dreams

The Birth of the Virdition

In April of 2009 William Quinones, the founder of Virdition, remembering his own challenges to break into show business as a dancer and later as the manager of a singing group trying to get exposure and opportunities for his group, decided to build Virdition.

This social networking site for the talent industry was designed to give talented individuals of all types a unique platform to show their talents, manage their search, be aware of opportunities, compete and achieve success.

He designed it for agents and all talent, recognizing that there were very talented people that wanted to be given a chance and agencies and agents that wanted to find fresh new talent, but were weary of the travel, overburdened by the management of the process and the cost of seeking the best for their clients.

Will researched the current search model, decided that he could create a new, comprehensive and effective audition management system that would make the search process simple, organized, less time consuming and on-line. He built an on-line auditioning, submission sorting processes, scheduling, communication, fan and industry rating systems and the ability to have all the talent that responds to a post, present the same song, script, voice over, or performance to facilitate the process and guarantee the result.

On behalf of Will and the entire Virdition team, please explore the site and see what benefits it provides…..and this is just the beginning of so much more he has in mind.