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Singer wanted for proggy/pop-punk/indie band
Music Auditions - Virdition

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Production Category: Music

Production Sub Category: ANY

Submission Start Date: 05/27/2014 12:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)

Submission End Date: 07/11/2014 12:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)


Pay: Some Pay
Add'l Compensation:


Audition/Casting: 10007, New York

Venue: Online Audition

Live Online Audition Dates: N/A

Live Online Reschedule Dates: N/A

Production/Shooting: 10007, New York

Any fees to be paid by talent?: N/A


Character Name/Role : Singer wanted for proggy/pop-punk/indie band
Gender: Any
Allow All Categories to Audition?: Yes
Talent Category 1: Voice/Singing
Talent Sub-Category 1: Singing/Artist
Talent Details:
Add’l/Alternate requirements: N/A  
Talent Category 2: N/A
Talent Sub-Category 2: N/A
Talent Details: N/A
Quantity: Any
Age Range: 0 - 0
Nudity Requried: No
Additional Info: N/A
Union Affiliation: NONE
Download Script or Sides: None  

Audition Details

Our band is recording our first album and looking for a singer, both for the studio and live shows. The songs are already written. It's hard to describe the genre, but I'd say it's sort of proggy alternative rock heavily influenced by pop-punk/post-hardcore. There's also some sampling and a lot of elements of other genres. The lyrics are kind of sardonic and pulpy. Overall, it's fun music with a lot of energy. We have a bunch of friends who play live, especially around Brooklyn, and want to start playing shows with them. I'm the guitarist/songwriter, currently living in Williamsburg, which is also where the studio we're recording at is located. The drummer and bassist are in Westchester but it's a pretty short trip down here. We're all in our early 20s, so we're looking for someone in their 20s. If you're down, shoot me an email. Any recordings of you singing would be great. Also let me know if you have any prior experience, bands you like, etc. Your range isn't hugely important compared to pitch/having a unique voice, since the vocal melodies are written fairly low but could easily be pushed up an octave if needed. The raccoon picture was just for levity.

Audition Winner

Agent has declined to publish winners.
Winners to be announced within 30 days of audition end date