Online National Auditions/Contest Competition For" Talent Search Orlando Showcase" on all Major TV Networks

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Audition /Casting:Orlando, Florida
Venue: Orlando Office suite Research Pkwy
Time: Friday, 10/19/2018 11:30 AM To 05:30 AM
Address: 3035 Research Pkwy, Suite 5A10, 3 floor,
Orlando, Florida, United States 32708
Production/Shooting: Orlando, Florida
Any fees to be paid by talent?: Live Audition Fees: Bands $850.00, Singing Groups $250.00, All Solo Artist $125.00, Actors $115.00, Children's Dance Groups $250.00, All Modeling/Runway $150.00. Online Auditioning is $100 for every Category.

Audition Details

National Online Talent Search Auditions 
" Talent Search Orlando Showcase"
1st- 5th Rounds of Auditions viewed by Top entertainment Industry Professionals. All auditioners who make it through the fifth round of Auditions will be moved to the sixth round of Auditions that will include them in a Televised onsite auditions broadcasted on all major TV networks and intreviewed in front of our top entertainment industry auditions panalist. They will,decided whom will be in the Main Broadcasted Talent Search March 16, 2019.  And preform and compete for 8 Top Grand prizes while their talent and career is being redevelop in the process in of top entertainment industry celebrity judges. Also, offering Talent Scholarship prizes and much more.
Talent categories: Child Solo Artist, Child Dance Groups,
Music Groups , Solo Artist, Bands, Fierce Runway Models,Photo shoot Competition, 1-2min Monologue Competition Genre - scripts: Drama , Comedy, Theatrical

Televised Onsite auditions will include: 1 free headshot or Band /Music Group Photo shoot, One free Style consulting with Ms. Carla Nelson of Creative Cliche 
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fees apply per talent applicate and Talent Groups

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Audition Winner

Agent has declined to publish winners. Winners to be announced within 30 days of audition end date