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What can I do on Virdition?

As an Industry Pro, you can create, manage and hold live, online auditions.  You can easily and quickly manage your entire talent base from the Virdition platform. Virdition is the only complete audition management service that allows you to manage talent portfolios and conduct online talent contests as well. As a Talent, you can search through thousands of casting calls, and then Audition Live, Online Create your portfolio, add pictures, video and audio and then connect with industry professionals via our built in social network.

Who are 'Industry Professionals'?

Industry Professionals' (IPros) are casting directors, talent and modeling agencies, booking agents, A&R directors, independent film producers and more. Basically, anyone who gives talent a job, seeks talent, or helps talent find work is an IPro.

Who are 'Contest Promoters'?

Contest Promoters' are radio stations, advertising agencies, television programs, retailers, schools or civic organizations that are looking to hold contests to either promote their products or services or even find talent.

Who is/are 'Talent'?

Talent' includes performers, musicians, actors, production crew, stunt persons, models and more. Anyone who has a talent or skill that is of use in the entertainment industry qualifies as 'Talent' at Virdition.

How is Virdition different than all those other talent and entertainment industry sites?

Virdition is a complete online audition management system  integrated into a network platform that allows industry professionals and talent to interact in a live audition, online. Auditions are posted, portfolios are created, agents can submit for their clients and casting notifications can all be sent out with our automated system. No need for room bookings or travel expenses, as you can carry out the entire audition process online. The whole process is streamlined, and you can customize your Industry Pro page with our white label option. And the talent in your network will never have to pay to audition with you. There's a lot more, so join today and start learning about all the things you can do with the Virdition system!

I am crew, support or the other types of talent, is there a place for me on Virdition?

Yes, Virdition features more than 100 different categories of talent, crew, support and other industry segments. If you don't find a category for what you do, we even have an option for you to request a new category be created!

I just want to find live entertainment. How can do I do that?

If you are an event planner, bar/nightclub owner, booking agent, or individual/group seeking live talent, you can use our searchable database to find artists based on talent category and location.

I got a network code from someone. How do I use it?

Simply enter the code at sign-up or, if you already have an account, you will find a place to enter a network code in your Account Settings page.

What is a network code?

A network code is a unique code provided by your agent, agency or industry professional that connects you to their account.  Once you're networked in, you can participate in all of that Industry Professional's auditions from your networked Talent account for FREE. You can use only one network code, but you can connect with other Industry Professionals by requesting to be a part of their network. Be sure to use the network code provided by the Industry Pro you feel will be your primary source of auditions.

What is a promo code?

A promo code gives you a discount or free access for a limited time to our various account plans.  When you enter your promo code, the menu will highlight the plan you are entitled to. You can always upgrade your plan if you wish!

Why is there only a yearly subscription? Can I just pay monthly?

Success is a journey, not an event.  Getting one role will probably not launch your career, so we made the suite of products available to you based on an annual plan payment. For Talent, this is an investment in your career, and gives you the full benefit of seeking the best auditions as they come up and let you build a platform for long term success. Compared to the cost of attending auditions in Hollywood, New York or Miami, the Virdition program pays for itself the first time you use it.

What if I need to cancel my account?

As a Talent, you can cancel your account from the My Account section. Should you decide not to renew a paid plan, you will be downgraded to the basic free plan. If you're an Industry Professional and you don't renew your account, you will be downgraded to the Starfinder Plan. You will want to make sure your storage limits aren't exceeded or your excess files will be automatically deleted by the system. If you need your entire Industry Professional account deleted for some reason, you can contact Customer Service and we'll be happy to help you. See terms and conditions for details on refunds.

What about privacy?

If you are an Industry Pro and you create a Closed Audition, only the people in your private network will be able to participate. As a Talent, you can set which content you want to hide it from public view. You can customize the privacy for every item in your portfolio, selecting whether it is seen by agents only, fans only, a combination or by the public. We will not sell your information, but any registered Industry Professional can access your portfolio, as that is the whole purpose behind the service.

How does Virdition auditioning work?

For Industry Pros, you create your professional profile, create, schedule and manage live, online or venue auditions, schedule appointments, or simply search for talent in our huge database. For Talent, you create your portfolio, search for auditions and submit to them, join networks and share content. 

Why should I create my portfolio here?

Virdition allows you to create standardized, full featured, easy-to-access, professional portfolios that integrate with your network. In addition, you have access to eight different layouts of professional comp cards for FREE!

Does my company need a Virdition profile?

Absolutely.  This share-able profile adds you to our industry directory, links to all your social media and website, posts your auditions or contests with your own branding and is the hub for building your professional industry network.

How do I sign up if I'm a promoter/marketer?

Promoters are considered Industry Professionals, so you will get full access to our Contest Management System with all the features of the IPro.

After I sign up as talent, how do I make the most of my account?

Complete your portfolio, build a big network, search auditions daily, check your messages and create fresh content regularly!  Be sure to promote your profile so you can get increased Fan Ratings, which are visible to industry professionals within the system. Conduct every audition professionally, as the Industry Pro holding the audition will give you an Industry Rating which all agents can see.

I'm not a big Hollywood producer. How can my school/non-profit/small agency use Virdition?

BULLETS: Interviewing prospective students, Auditioning for roles, Remote rehearsing, Great tool for student projects Schools can create their own internal network of staff and students. Virdition can also can be a new source of revenues for your school as students move on and build their careers using our system.

How does Virdition's audition management system work?

Create, promote and share your audition. Then, manage incoming submissions, carry out the elimination process and schedule callbacks for both online auditions and auditions held at a venue. Virdition also handles the winner announcement and rejections, so you don't have to.

How does Virdition's contest management system work?

Virdition lets you create your contest, then provides you with tools to help with promotion, social media management, list generation, metrics, and voting.  You set the elimination criteria, sorting by votes or by views.  Naturally, the system will gather leads and display your advertising banner, all under your custom brand.

I have a talent/agent who is not on Virdition. What do I do?

If you are an Industry Professional, you automatically receive a network code when you create your account which you will share with your talent. This will give them access to your auditions. For Talent, you can invite your agent to join the site. Once they are in, they should join your network. If they have any questions, they can contact us at accounts@Virdition.co.

I have a looming deadline. How fast can I search/create a portfolio/audition on the site?

Searches are instantaneous and live.  You can post an audition, and carry out your Audition Live, OnlineTM instantly using our Impromp2TM live audition system. In many cases, you can have all your portfolio material loaded and ready for use in under one hour. Additional portfolio content can be recorded with our tools.

How fast can I build my network?

As an Industry Professional, if you already have an existing email or social media network, it's as easy as sending out a network code to those people. Our email importer makes it that much faster and easier. If you're a Talent trying to build your network of industry professionals, you should frequently use the internal networking capabilities to make contact with the pros.  The process is different for everyone, and your results will vary depending upon how frequently and how diligently you work it.

I already have a large fanbase. Can I bring them with me?

Yes. Share your portfolio with them and they can click on 'Become a Fan' where they can enter their email so they can be notified with your updates.

I am considering starting to act/sing/perform. How long will it take to get my first gig?

It varies from person to person. The more you audition, create fresh content, and engage in networking the sooner it will happen.  And you should practice!  Rehearse regularly in one of our Live5â„¢ Rehearsal Suites so that you know you will be at your best when that big opportunity comes your way!

How safe is it to use Virdition?

We have an active flagging/reporting system so that anyone who is deemed to be abusing the system is brought to our attention quickly.  We maintain the security of your content, keeping it as private as you have specified in your portfolio. Any abusive behavior should be reported and we will investigate it immediately.