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18 Karat Model and Talent Management
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18 Karat Model and Talent Management
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18 Karat Model and Talent Management

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In 1982, I first envisioned introducing the world of modeling and talent to my hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee. Initially, I was apprehensive in pursuing my dream. With the success of the Knoxville World’s Fair as a backdrop, however, I was emboldened to conceptualize a way to capitalize on the Fair’s success. Knoxville had become home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and I saw the potential for reciprocal benefit in bringing together local clients with local models and talent. 

18 KARAT had a humble beginning; my first office was a small area in my home. Despite the numerous challenges, however, I held firm to my commitment to work hard and to provide my clients with only the best models and talent. 

18 KARAT built its current headquarters in 1992. In the years since, our client base has expanded that include not only local, regional and national companies, but also has established international clients including such as Switzerland, Italy, and Japan. 


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