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65 Max-
65 Max
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Company website
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65 Max
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Pamela Henderson
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Company Profile
65 Max Entertainment Inc. was founded in 2005 by Ron Henderson (CEO) whom provides leadership and direction. Privately funded from his own resources Mr. Henderson created a gem having a online web store WWW.65max.com including services of audio and computer, photography and graphic designs that lead him to create his own signature apparel line sixty5max which was his dream. Our diverse offering gives us alternative means of money and keeps in house cost manageable by providing service back to 65 Max for promotion and marketing materials. 65 Max is a independent record label/apparel company located in northern California, we have a staff of producers, writers and 8 tremendous artists servicing R&B hip-hop/rap and management staff. Our theme is ‘All Roads Lead 65 Max’ this campaign came from the speed limit sign off the freeway/highway being 65. Our corporate creative concept has been used to market quality urban clothing using several tasteful “Follow The Road” designs in the form of T-shirts, jackets, blouses, hooded sweat shirts, hats and accessories That are the ultimate forms of expression of integrity, dreams and aspirations that is in the process of Trademark/copy right. Our website is WWW.65max.com we have our entire catalog available online, purchases can be made directly through the site via a user – friendly online store. We have our site submitted to various search engines for more traffic.

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