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Batista Magazine
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Batista Magazine

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Since the beginning, Ivan Batísta established an innovative point of view, in the art of fine photography and in the way he chooses his subject. Always a trendsetter in a career spanning more than 25 years in the business, Batista transcend the borders of conventional photography an elevated it to a new art form, a new movement, his point of view has come across the obvious, successfully reaching the highest ratings in Puerto Ricoâ??s TV market for his famous model castings. Top of mind, Ivan Batista is the preferred among top models and beauty queens in Puerto Rico. For years, mayor advertising agencies trust their ad creations to the talent of this renowned visionary of today's highly competitive advertising market. Ivan Batista has become a mayor voice in the beauty and high fashion industry. Founder and editor of Escape and New Condado magazines. In his constant search for a new perspective, today Ivan is fully involved in the Digital era technology and new medias, now offering fine digital cinema and web publishing among his services. We welcome you to the official Ivan Batistaâ??s web page, so please enjoy this new site and convince yourself why, Ivan Batista, is the sensible choice for your next casting, digital cinematography, high fashion and/or, photographic assignment.


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