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For photographs that have been edited in Lightroom or ACR but need further fine-tuning before creating print or web output, Photoshop CS5 offers an impressive array of tools, adjustments, and transformations. It would be easy to fill this entire book with only Photoshop tips, but of course the idea is to provide a full picture of the digital workflow.

In that spirit, I've identified over 50 tips designed to help you work more efficiently with existing tools and functions, and to apply creative effects with new features like Puppet Warp and improved features like Merge to HDR Pro.

The beauty of digital editing is that experimenting with Photoshop usually feels more like fun than work. Books and videos are important guideposts, but ultimately the best way to master Photoshop is to really dig into the tools and see which tools best suit your photographic or creative goals. If you recently upgraded from Photoshop CS3 or CS4, you may wonder what you can do with CS5 that you can't also accomplish in ACR or Lightroom. The following list covers just a few examples:

  • Seamlessly blending photos to create HDR and panoramic images
  • Nondestructively warping and transforming subjects in an image
  • Creating photo illustrations that mimic real paint media
  • Selectively blurring a composition to refocus the viewer's attention

Chapter 4 starts with important tips for customizing your workspace and setting up Photoshop for better performance. You will also learn useful shortcuts for working with various tools and for quickly finding images using the new Mini Bridge panel. The rest of the chapter covers a wide range of tips designed to help you maximize the quality of your photography. A general familiarity with basic imaging concepts, such as layers, channels, and selections is assumed. Where necessary, tips that are specific to Photoshop CS4 or CS5 will be noted.


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