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Manage, Organize and Save!

Audition Talent Virtually, With Your Virtual Auditioning System

Our online software takes auditioning to a whole new level. You can have two, three-even four talents playing off each other in real time, while you watch. Or, you and up to three other people from your agency (or your client) can simultaneously watch the talent audition and then discuss the audition immediately afterwards as a group. Imagine what your clients will think of you when you offer them this kind of cutting edge service and how much time and money you’ll save! Register now.


Easily set up and manage your auditions.

Imagine being able to set up your open and closed auditions any time, any place-wherever it’s convenient for YOU! But then, take it one step further. You can manage and organize your auditions from anywhere in the world. On a beach in Bolivia? No problem. On a shoot in Chicago? That’s easy, too. You can use our tools anywhere with an internet connection. And unlike other sites, Virdition isn’t just going to have your talent upload their content and leave you to deal with the mess. No more email marathons-you can select your talent in rounds of elimination and our system automatically notifies the talent through every step of the process. We even give you a look at the talent’s availability so that you can schedule meeting and live audition times that work for everyone! Rest assured you’re covered through every callback, every selection and every role rewarded. Register Now!

Build your network of pros and talent.

Virdition is just that-a network of entertainment industry enthusiasts. From live theater to TV and films, talent in front of the camera and those that make production happen, there are users of every type. In support of the growing industry, we have a social network that allows for live updates from those you follow and who follow you, network mail and notifications.

You can custom import or invite your own already existing network of talent and industry pros. Then jump on in and find out who else in on Virdition to connect with. The network is multi-faceted and you never know where you might find your next star talent, partner or hot director! Register now!


Represent your talent with convenient portfolio sharing and proxy auditioning

With our standardized portfolios, not only is it easier to get your talent organized, it’s also an effortless task when you need to share content on behalf of your talent. With a few simple clicks, you can choose to whom to send what content. And if you know about an audition or opportunity you’d like to put your talent up for, you can proxy audition when you’re in the network of the industry pro offering that opportunity. Register Now!