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Build, Reach, Simplify

Run Virtual Talent Competitions Simply.

Competitions can generate a LOT of interest, but setting them up can be a lot of work. Not any more! Our virtual competition management platform allows you to create, promote and manage all facets of your competition from one easy-to-use dashboard! Using our integrated social media tools, we can help you build your audience bigger, faster and wider than ever before. Contact Us about our virtual competition platform.

National And International Bracket Talent Championship Competitions.

Create excitement with a national bracket talent competition, Create a Free or Fee talent competition it’s all up to your organization. Get sponsors for each round or for the entire competition again it’s up to you. Voters vote free or for a fee you make that decision. Build your network of talent and never have to worry about where will you get that next big star. With Virdition’s Bracketology Talent Competition Platform all you do is set it up and watch it go! Contact Us about our bracket competition platform.


Automated Social Media Integration

You want to get noticed? You need to get viral! Everyone’s on Facebook and our system harnesses the combined power of viral marketing and social media to drive your response through the roof! Reaching more people with the brand you are promoting is your goal and a Virdition competition makes it happen. It’s important though, that you don’t just reach the people, but that you can track, organize and share your results with your clients. We pull all this information together in formats that help you look like the professional, organized promoter you are. Contact Us Now!

Custom Branding and Ads

Add another dimension to your powerful new tool with custom branding and ads that run specific to your contests. We let you brand your auditions with your own logos and images so that you can create your own mark on the world. Contact Us Now!


Metrics and List Building

Using the newest technologies, we can make your life a whole lot easier. Your competitions will now be automated and self-managing. Our interface is incredibly easy to use and does a fantastic job of gathering, organizing and reporting your results as well as recording all the people who voted so that you have a massively expanded prospect list. It couldn’t be better, or easier to create your own contest today! Contact Us Now!