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Create, Connect and work it!

Get your portfolio online and organized within a quality network.

Virdition is an audition site where you can create, manage and share your talent portfolio. It’s a whole network of entertainment industry enthusiasts who work with or as talent. Using our Screen Test Recorder™ (audiovisual) and Music Tracks Studio™ (music backing tracks), you can create a library of demo material that fully showcases all your amazing talents. You’ll have a portfolio that includes your bio, demos, written samples and any other information that will help you stand out from the crowd! Register now.


Audition Live, Online!TM

When you get invited to a callback with an industry pro who wants to see you perform live, you don’t have to travel! That’s right, we bring the auditions to YOU! With our secure Live5™ Audition system you can compete for work all over the world without having to pay for flights, hotels or restaurants. With Live5™ Audition features you can audition live, online and in real time with pros who know where the future of auditioning is headed. Imagine being able to audition for one movie, while on a location shoot for another! Register Now!

Submit to any of thousands of auditions and get updates about your status

The process of submitting to auditions couldn’t be easier. You can select just the right material for the audition and send that to the agent for viewing. You just find, click and submit. And no more nail-biting anticipation when you haven’t heard from the producer or agent-you’ll get notified automatically when they make a decision about you so you can move on or move up! Register Now!


Parents of up-and-coming talent, we know the struggles you face

From travel costs and time, to protecting your little stars, the life of an entertainment parent/manager can be stressful! With Virdition, you won't have to deal with as many long days, trips and hotel nights. And keeping the content you share about your children safe from prying eyes is as simple as a click. You choose who can see what content and you can flag any inappropriate behavior on the site.

Connect with leading industry pros and talent

Within Virdition there are industry professionals who use our system to cast for their projects. You can search for them and request to join their exclusive network. Networking is how you get places and we make networking as easy as a click. You can also find other talent and rehearse together in our online Live5™ Rehearsal Suites. You never know where your great break could come from, so being an active part of the Virdition community could be vital to making YOU the next great star! Get started now.