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Emily  DeFrance-
Emily  DeFrance
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Since: September. 08, 2016
Don't Blame My Heart
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Emily DeFrance
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My Biography

Emily DeFrance, was born July 19th, 1988 in Tuscaloosa, AL. Emily has lived her entire life in the Alabama football town of Tuscaloosa aka T-Town. This is where she grew up with her 3 sisters (Jennifer Christy & Susan), mom and dad.  

Singer, Emily DeFrance is definitely not a newcomer to the music industry. She has been performing since she was 5/6 years old beginning in her church choir and the Alabama Children's and Girl's Choir for the state. She publicly performed a solo for the first time when she was in the 5th grade where she landed the role of Bernice Whifflesnopper in a church play. Everyone told her mom "that girl has talent, she is going to go far." From that moment on, Emily knew singing was the gift God had given her. Realizing her talent, her mom encouraged Emily to sing and practice every day to help her get better at what she loved doing. Emily lived a normal life during her middle school and high school years, but she continued to sing everyday. During college, Emily attended a program called John Robert Powers where she learned acting skills, took singing lessons and also was selected to perform at the iPOP competition in Los Angeles, California. Out of 10,000 contestants in the entire competition, Emily won 1st runner up for the singing division.  

Upon returning from Los Angeles in the fall, Emily had a number of calls from Talent Scouts, Record Labels and Management Companies. After speaking with the A&R representative at Warner Brothers, Emily and her mom decided to give New York City a visit. There she was put into contact with a songwriter from New Jersey who wrote her first single "Don't Blame My Heart". She entered The Next GAC Star competition with the popular cover song, "Rose Garden", where she placed 28th in the nation. Emily was ecstatic at the response to her song and the feedback she was getting. At this time, Emily was in school at The University of Alabama where she was pursuing a degree in Music Business. She met a gentleman named Gary Walker through a program at UA which now Gary has become one of Emily's closest friends. He mentored her and also introduced her to music industry professionals like Mike McGuire with The Shenandoah Band. Emily demoed songs for Mike and established a relationship with the guys at Wishbone Studios in Florence, AL. When Emily graduated she took some time off to relax and focus on her next steps in life. Since then, Emily has continued singing in church, weddings, talent shows and at local events. 

Emily has recently entered the Sing Your Praise Competition that is an online music competition nationwide. She is wanting to sing for the Lord and really be able to connect with others who have the same passion. Her goal is to spread the word of God through her music. She has always said "Music has so much passion behind it and not only do I want people to hear what I'm singing, I want others to feel the raw emotions from the lyrics I'm singing." Last year, Emily started attending Church of the Highlands in Tuscaloosa, AL and since then her passion for Christian music has continued to grow everyday. She knows God has given her a voice and she wants to use her gift to fulfill his purpose for her life here on Earth. She is currently working on producing a Christian based album of her favorite cover songs until she can get some of her own material written and recorded. Until then, the rest as they say, is history.


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