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James Calkins-
James Calkins
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Since: November. 09, 2016

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James Calkins
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My Biography

I've been a worship leader for around fifteen years now, but I've been a musician and singer for twenty-five.  I was born into music, with a father who was in rock bands when I was a kid, and then played lead guitar for a large Pentacostal church when I was in my teens, even so it took me into my mid-teens to develop any desire to be a musician.  But once I picked up that guitar and began to figure out chords and rhythms... it was over.

I dedicated my life to Christ at fifteen, and then rededicated myself in the Summer of 2001, at which time I was pulled into worship ministry by God, and by my good friend, Chris.  It's been an immensely rewarding and sometimes terrifying journey thus far, which has brought me from my home state of California out to the desert in Phoenix, AZ, serving at a new church and really just enjoying the ride, watching Christ do His work in my community, and of course lending a hand.

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for my family and I, and I am excited to be a part of this contest, among such other amazing worshipers.

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