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Shirley Hernandez-
Shirley Hernandez
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Since: August. 31, 2018
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Shirley Hernandez
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My Biography

Shirley Hernandez was born in Peru to young pastors completely immersed in ministry. Her upbringing revolved around the life and activities of the church. It's all she knew. In 1995 they said farewell to family, friends and church and arrived in Chicago for her parents to complete a Master's Degree at Northern Theological Seminary. They soon began pastoring again and made a life here.

Their undeniable calling as a family has always driven them to seek ways in which to serve God and the Body of Christ more effectively. As a teenager Shirley began developing as a soloist, worship leader and songwriter. At that time there was not much to write about except her devotion to God. However, God inspired songs that would depict the life of people who carried tremendous shame, faced monumental challenges, and had experienced deep hurt, betrayal, abuse. None of this she had experienced first hand, but God awoke in her spirit the profound burden for the broken, the outcasts, the ones who didn't find a place in a regular church. God would eventually lead many people with that exact background to her in the coming years, people whom she has had the privilege to lift up from the miry clay to arise into a divine purpose. There are so many stories and testimonies she can literally write a book about it all (and one day she will!).

The desire to provide a safe haven for the lost was the catalyst to launch Second Chance as a different kind of church focused on rescuing and restoring those who had been rejected elsewhere. Shirley, along with her husband Jose, her parents Josue and Loida and her sisters Sheila and Sharon founded the ministry in 2006 and at this time the pastoral calling was affirmed and confirmed in Shirley's heart and she and Jose currently serve as Associate Pastors since 2014. 

Although music has always and will always be a vehicle to transmit the empowering, life-changing truth in God's Word, and although her calling is partly played out on a stage in front of a microphone, the last several years she has understood the importance of the personal connection, care and nurturing of the Body of Christ, which has her occupied in her Father's Business, pastoring, teaching, counseling, training, coaching, leading women, children, youth and others to their God-designed destiny, stepping into their shoes, getting her hands dirty and building people up for the Kingdom. She has remained faithful in the tasks God has entrusted in her hands. However, she is certain that God is preparing her for a greater platform of influence in which she will be able to reach many more through the empowering, Christ-centered, anointed lyrics in the songs she and her husband produce.

The main objective goes beyond success in the music scene. As a missionary and church planter, her vision is that the music will not only deliver life-changing truth to the broken but also provide the means to offer them the resources and opportunities necessary for a new beginning. Every time you support Shirley's music, you are investing into a much greater project to develop a Christ-centered community equipped to offer rehabilitation and tools to empower those people the world has given up on, but God has not.

This competition leads them a step closer toward that dream, not only to expose her voice but allowing her to be a voice for those whose voice has been taken away.


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